Library Books:

Number of Checkouts Preferred for Each Grade Level:
Kindergarten: 1 book
1st: 2 books
2nd: 2-3 books
3rd-4th: 3 books
5th: 3-5 books

Please do not send students to the library for check-out until the announcements are over.

Please send only 1 or 2 students per class at a time.


Teachers, please only log in to the iPads with your grade level account.
Teachers can download educational apps only.

tech rules.jpg

Computer Lab:
Put everything back the way it was when you arrived, or even nicer.
Do not use your pencil to track across the screen of the computers. It leaves marks on the screen. Hold up a piece of paper instead.

Please put everything back where you got it from. Clean up all messes.

Be open-minded and encouraging towards yourself and others.